Minutes 10th May 2017

Minutes of Parish council meeting held on Wednesday 10th May 2017 at 7pm at Wick Club.

Present: Cllr D Scott, Cllr M Baker, Cllr L Raymer, Cllr R Kings, Cllr J Williams, Clerk – L Yapp, District Cllr M English

1.Apologies None

2. Election of Chair / Vice Chair Cllr D Scott was nominated for chair – proposed Cllr Raymer seconded Cllr Kings. Cllr Raymer was nominated Vice Chair – proposed Cllr Scott, seconded Cllr Williams. There were no objections

2. Declaration of member’s interest.

3. Approval of Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on March 15th were approved and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters Arising:

  • Footway Issues/Highway Issues: Concerns were raised that comments at the Annual Parish Meeting, suggesting that low footfall could possibly mean no action regarding the requested repairs to footways. Several roads in Wick had been marked up for repair – Cllr Williams advised that the large pot holes are to be filled, and if funds permit the roads may be ‘slurry sealed’
  • Increase size of PC. Nothing to report
  • Lengthsman – It was reported that the LM had done some weed killing in the recreation grounds. The clerk would ask if he could advise when this is done in future to ensure there is no overlap from village volunteers.

5. District Councillors Report. District Cllr English advised there was not much to report at this moment as everything was focusing on elections

6. County Councillors Report. Councillor Hardman did not attend but the clerk was asked to forward congratulations from the parish council on his recent re-election

7. Flood Alleviation Committee Report. Nothing to report other than the fact that contractors have been in the vicinity of Main Street. Mr C Hudson has been in contact with County Council direct, with regard the new drain to be laid to relieve the centre of Wick of the existing flood issues

8. Donated Bench Cllr Scott had spoken to Mr Hudson with the parish councils proposed siting of the bench. We are still awaiting feedback. The clerk was asked to notify the family that we are awaiting confirmation from landowner

9. Waylands Disabled Access The new access gate was in place and appeared to be working satisfactory. It was noted that the old gate and timber had been left. The clerk was asked to contact CC with regard removal.

10. Neighbourhood Watch Report A number of incidents regarding ‘Nottingham Knockers’ had been reported in Wick over the past few weeks and an arrest had been made. There had also been a reported


incident in Timberdown. Cllr Kings reported that she had concerns that there may be drub activity in Cooks Hill and asked if there could be a periodic police presence. Cllr Raymer would arrange this.

11. Playground Report Cllr Kings reported that following research into replacement cricket nets – the best deal would cost £445.13 incl. of VAT and delivery. This was approved – proposed Cllr Raymer, seconded Cllr Scott. The stumps had been repaired and the moss had been sprayed. It was agreed that the LM would spray around the petanque area and under the playground equipment – clerk to liaise

14. Finance.

  • Year end accounts 2016/17 had been circulated and approved – proposed Cllr Raymer, seconded Cllr Baker
  • Payments for approval/made since last meeting:
L Yapp 803 176.80
L Yapp Office 804 12.00
S Gwilliam 805 180.00
  • Internal Audit – Allchurch Bailey would be carrying out the forthcoming internal audit
  • Pension Regulator – In line with new legislation the clerk had completed the formalities and a Declaration of Compliance had been completed
  • Polices – Polices had been circulated to councillors and approved. These were adopted with a view to reviewing every May These would be added to the website
  • Annual Return Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement – This was approved by the parish council · Annual Return Section 2 – Accounting Statements – these were approved by the parish council

15. Planning Report

  • 17/00732 – 7 Avon Bank – Demolition of garage and erection of new garage / granny annexe. The parish council raised concerns that this application could possibly result in the garage becoming an individual dwelling rather than an extension of the existing dwelling. This would be relayed to WDC

16. Footpath Officer Report. Nothing to report

17. Any other business.

  • Picnic In The Park event – clerk would print off posters to be hand delivered to each property in Wick
  • Mobile Phone Reception – Cllr Scott reported following a comment brought up by a resident – that an improved mobile phone reception could be obtained by contacting the service provider and obtaining a booster box – to work via the router, or smart phone via WiFi.

18. Date of Next Meetings

  • 19th July
  • 20th September
  • 15th November

All to commence at 7.30pm in Wick Club