Minutes 15th March 2017

Minutes of Parish council meeting held on Wednesday 15th March 2017, 7.30pm at Wick Club.

Present: Mr. D. Scott – Chairman Cllr M Baker, Cllr L Raymer, Clerk – L Yapp, Cllr J Williams, Mr S Bower (Parish Games)

  1. Apologies were received from Cllr R Kings, County Cllr A Hardman and District Cllr M English
  2. Declaration of member’s interest.
  3. Approval of Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 18th January 2017 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
  4. Matters Arising:
  • Footway Issues/Highway Issues: Footways with areas of concern had been reported to CC for consideration for repair. A lot of moss was found on the paths but it was considered that to remove this would cause damage to the path surface. Advice to be sought from CC. It had been noted that ‘data collection strips’ were in place in Cooks Hill. The clerk would contact CC for the reasoning behind this.
  • Increase size of PC. Nothing to report
  • Lengthsman – The clerk would speak to the LM for his thoughts on siding out some of the footways which had become particularly overgrown with grass from the hedge side verges.
  1. District Councillors Report. Councillor English did not attend but her report had been received by the parish council:
  • Waste Collection – Provider changing from SERCO to FCC making significant cost savings to include kerbside collections of small electrical items. Also the possibility of garden waste being collected with recycling
  • Litter Picks – A total of 70 bags collected from the streets of Wychavon
  • Council tax – to be increase by 2% for a band D property
  • Charities, Communities and Voluntary groups can apply for grants from a£50,000 fund available from WDC
  1. County Councillors Report. Councillor Hardman did not attend but his report had been received by the parish council:
  • Landfill – due to changes in distribution of landfill, the amount going to Hill and Moor should reduce by approx. 90%
  • Superfast Broadband – Wick has been included in the next ‘rollout’
  • Highway repairs to certain parts of Wick should be carried out during the next financial year
  1. Flood Alleviation Committee Report. Ditches in Owletts Lane had been cleared
  2. Donated Bench A bench in memory of Denis and Edna Spencer have generously offered to donate a bench in their memory. Following discussion it was suggested that opposite the church would be a suitable location. The chairman would speak to the landowner for permission.
  3. Disabled Access Nothing further to report at this stage. It is assumed that the project is progressing. The clerk was asked to chase the CC footpath officer for an update
  4. ICT
  • Broadband – It has been announced that Wick is to be included in the next ‘rollout’ for Superfast Broadband. This is great news for Wick. Following a recent public meeting a request had been made for residents to make a donation towards the cost of us financing the project personally. This was now not necessary and all cheques would be returned to the senders with a personal letter of thanks for their support. A time schedule had not yet been drawn up, and any delays could be caused by applying for road closures. Thanks were made to Cllrs Raymer and Williams for all their hard work.
  • Village Website – This was now up and running. It would be funded by the parish council and Cllr Raymer would be the administrator. However, it should be noted that anyone wanting to include information on the website would have to contact the administrator direct.
  1. Neighbourhood Watch Report. Nothing to report
  2. Transparency Code the clerk advised that we could only apply for the Parish Council element of any website, and this was minimal. However, Rooftop Housing had suggested we could apply for funding for ICT equipment. A suggestion was made that it may be useful for a computer to be made available for general use, in Wick Club. The clerk was asked to seek the advice of the chairman of Wick Club for his thoughts.
  3. Playground Report this had been circulated to councillors. A number of events were planned for later in the year, raising funds for the playground and on-going maintenance and repairs. It was reported that the swings were in need or re-painting and the cricket nets needed replacing. Western Power had been contacted to review the situation with regard trees growing through overhead power cables. A recent ‘volunteer’ day had cleared a lot of rubbish, repaired fences and cleaning of equipment.
  4. Finance.
  • The Account Balances / Activity has been circulated to the Council.
  • Payments for approval:
S Gwiiliam   794 132.00
HMRC Payroll   795 27.00


  • Arnold-Baker – Local Council Administration – the clerk had requested 1/6 of the cost of the latest edition of the book at £12.46. This was approved by the parish council
  • Internal Audit – It was agreed by the parish council that we appoint Baldwins (was Allchurch Bailey) as the internal auditor. Proposed Cllr Raymer, seconded Cllr Williams. Internal quarterly checks would be carried out by Mr Raymer, as part of the internal audit process
  1. Planning Report the clerk was asked to establish the outcome of the barns at the meadow at Pershore Bridge this has since come back Approved by WDC
  2. Footpath Officer Report. Nothing to report
  3. Any other business.
  • Parish Games – Mr Bower reported on the previous Parish Games where Wick were the ‘small village’ trophy winners. Wick had been entered into a total of 10 events, and overall the results were very good. The parish council were asked if they were happy to continue to finance Wicks entry in the Parish Games – this was confirmed by email from councillors, costs involved £69. Thanks were made to Mr Bower for updating the parish council. Updates would also be added to the Wick website
  • The recent ‘Open Evening’ held at Wick Club had seen appositive response and a number of new members had already been added to some of the village groups.
  1. Date of Next Meeting
  • Annual Parish Meeting – Wednesday 12th April
  • Annual Parish Council Meeting – Wednesday 10th May