Minutes 18th January 2017

Minutes of Parish council meeting held on Wednesday 18th January 2017, 7.30pm at Wick Club.

Present: Mr. D. Scott – Chairman, Cllr L Raymer,  Cllr J Williams, Cllr M Baker,  Cllr R Kings, Clerk – L Yapp

1 elector

Cllr M Baker, co-opted at the last meeting was welcomed onto the Parish Council.

  1. Apologies were received from District Cllr M English
  2. Declaration of member’s interest. None.
  3. Approval of Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 17th November 2016 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
  4. Matters Arising:
  • Footway Issues/Highway Issues: Main Street footway and missing kerb stones to be reported to WCC for attention, along with road surfaces in Wick House Close and the bottom of Cooks Hill. Clerk and Cllr Williams to liaise with County Cllr Hardman
  • Increase size of PC. Nothing to report
  • Village Welcome Pack – The parish council had decided that it would be more beneficial for the village to have its own website, with a ‘page’ for each user group to administrate themselves. Cllr Raymer offered to take this on, but would not be responsible for content. It is thought there would be minimal costs involved. It was agreed that the parish council would assist with the distribution of fliers promoting the forthcoming event, aimed at promoting villages groups and committees, as well as financing the printing of fliers.
  1. District Councillors Report. Councillor English did not attend and no report was available.
  2. County Councillors Report. Councillor Hardman did not attend and no report was available.
  3. Flood Alleviation Committee Report. Nothing to report
  4. Grass Cutting. SmartCut had advised there would be no price increases for 2017. The parish council had also received a second quote from another grasscutting company, which was slightly higher than Smartcut.  The decision was made to stay with Smartcut
  5. Disabled Access Councillor Scott had met with Fiona Argyle (WCC) and a suitable gate had been sourced, which would operate on a timer once opened. No timescale was available
  6. Broadband
  • Recent Discussion with Open reach had proved positive, with some grant funding available to some residents. It was agreed that an open meeting be held, to give residents the full facts and options for funding.  This was agreed to be on Thursday February 9th at 6pm.  A flier would be distributed to all households

11. Neighbourhood Watch updates had been circulated to those on the email list


  1. Transparency Code To enable the parish council to comply with the recently imposed Transparency Code, there is funding available for ICT equipment and website. It is hoped that this could be incorporated with the village website
  2. Playground Report Following the successful Winter Warmer which raised £1110 for playground funds, thanks were made to Cllr Kings for all her hard work organising it. It was agreed that purpose made signs should be bought for the area (No Glass & Playground Comments) – it was agreed that any costs be agreed via email.  The clerk to action.  A number of volunteers had offered to assist with some tidying up at the playground on Sunday February 5th.  A number of events had been discussed for later in the year, to raise additional funds. The clerk will contact RoSPA with regard the playground safety inspection, and update contact details
  3. Finance Report
  • Accounts – a copy of the up to date accounts had been made available to councillors – no issues raised
  • Payments for approval / made since the last meeting


L Yapp 785 221.00
S Gwilliam 786 132.00


  • Budget / Precept – the clerk had provided the parish council with income and expenditure for 2015/16, those for 2016/17 with an estimated forecast til year end, and a proposed budget for 2017/18. It was agreed that the budget requirement be raised by 5% to £7900.  It was agreed that an allowance for office expenses be paid to the clerk from April of £12 per week to cover phone, routine photocopying, use of IT equipment etc
  1. Planning Report nothing to report
  2. Footpath Officer nothing to report
  3. Any Other Business
  • The chairman suggested that it may be useful if the parish council purchase a supply of Hi Vis vests for use by parishioners (considering there is no street lighting). It was agreed that this be made known to residents attending the open event for village groups on the 25th February
  • Mineral Consultation – Cllr Kings raised possible concerns regarding the Mineral Consultation being carried out by WCC. It was agreed that the clerk and Cllr Kings attend an open event at CC – since changed and Cllr Kings has spoken to WCC.  Email circulated to Cllrs.
  • Parish Games – a new co-ordinator to be sought
  1. Future Meetings:
  • 3rd February – Cllrs to meet to discuss forthcoming Broadband open meeting
  • 5th February – Playground Tidy Up
  • 9th February – Broadband Open meeting
  • 25th February – Village groups open meeting
  • 15th March – Parish Council Meeting
  • 11th April – Annual Parish Open Meeting