Minutes 19th July 2017

Minutes of Parish council meeting held on Wednesday 19th July 2017 at 7pm at Wick Club.

Present: Acting Chair, Cllr L Raymer Cllr M Baker, Cllr J Williams, Cllr R Kings

2 members of the public

Clerk – L Yapp

  1. Apologies were received from Cllr D Scott, District Cllr M English and County Cllr A Hardman
  2. Declaration of member’s interest.
  • Cllr Williams – Committee member St Marys PCC
  1. Approval of Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on May 10th 2017 were approved and signed by the Cllr Raymer.
  2. Matters Arising:
  • Footway Issues/Highway Issues:
  • Siding out of the footways in May Street is scheduled to be carried out the following week
  • Re-surfacing of Yock Lane and Wick House Close had been re-scheduled due to the hot weather. Due to be carried out 18th July – parishioners referred to the general poor condition of the footways and the fact that many parishioners walk in the road. Cllr Williams advised that Wick was considered low priority, but is hoped that the siding out will high light any areas that require urgent action. A map had already been sent to CC, marked up with the most badly affected areas.
  • Increase size of PC. Nothing to report
  • Lengthsman – Cllr Kings had spoken with the LM and had arranged that he do any necessary weedkilling / trimming around the play equipment in the recreation area. The clerk was asked if the LM could arrange for weeds and nettles to be sprayed around the Waylands gates
  1. District Councillors Report. Nothing to report
  2. County Councillors Report. Councillor Hardman did not attend but he did advise that the footway problem in Main Street was talked about.
  3. Flood Alleviation Committee Report. – Nothing to report
  4. Donated Bench Two options had been made, one for the churchyard near the war memorial. This was the preferred option and the clerk would go back to the family to see if they had any objections. The second option was in the playground. The clerk has since been in contact with the family, they would prefer it to go in the churchyard, and they were prepared to finance the bench and fitting costs. Cllr Williams would make the necessary arrangements for permission to do this.
  5. Neighbourhood Watch Report Nothing to report. Cllr Raymer was continuing to circulate relevant emails
  6. Playground Report Cllr Kings reported that the Picnic in the Park had been a great success raising around £390. This would more or less cover the cost of the cricket nets. Proposed Cllr Kings, seconded Cllr Baker Thanks were made to Cllr Kings for all her hard work with this. The swings are to be re-painted and the LM to spray regularly. A clay pigeon shoot is being considered as a further fundraiser in September,

but insurance will be the deciding factor. Enquiries are being carried out. The Winter Warmer is scheduled for 2nd December,

  1. Finance.
  • Up to date accounts had been circulated to councillors
  • Payments for approval/made since last meeting:
Smartcut 806 162.78
Smartcut 807 480.59
Zurich Ins 808 558.63
L Yapp (June) 809 176.80
L Yapp 810 12.00
S Gwilliam 811 132.00
HMRC 812 123.60
L Yapp (July) 813 176.80


L Yapp 814 12.00
Smartcut 815 449.59
St Marys Church 816 350.00
L Yapp (Aug) 817 176.80
L Yapp 818 12.00
S Gwilliam 819 183.50
Smartcut 820 488.33
  • Internal Audit – Allchurch Bailey had been successfully carried out. All was satisfactory and all paperwork had been sent to Grant Thornton for the external audit.
  • St Marys Church – The parish council approved the annual contribution of £350 made to St Marys Church for the publishing of the Wick News. Proposed Cllr Raymer, seconded Cllr Baker
  1. Dog Waste Bin A request had been made for a dog waste bin to be purchased from NHB, to be sited in Yock Lane. Exact location and permission to be sought from CC
  2. New Homes Bonus Suggestions had been made for the purchase of a marquee for village events and a lock-up shed for the storage of tables, chairs etc. The clerk would get quotes for the marquee. In the first instance Cllr Williams would seek permission to see if a shed could be located in the church grounds.
  3. Planning Report
  • 17/01272 – Ardean, Owletts Lane – proposed conversion and extension to existing garage and new sun lounge – the parish council had no objections to this application and the clerk would arrange for a notice to be placed on the notice boards
  1. Footpath Officer Report. It was reported some time back that some of the trees planted by the parish council across the Waylands, for the Millennium, were in need of some minor maintenance, canopy to be raised. The clerk would arrange for her ‘tree’ contact, to get in touch with Cllr Williams and arrange a meeting, along with Peter Edmunds
  2. Any other business.
  • Litter Bins at Pershore Bridges – the litter bin at Pershore Bridges had been removed, no longer being a district council responsibility and being passed over to the Countryside Services. Pershore Town Council had been included in the cross over of emails and quotes and options are being sought. It was felt that this was not something the parish council should be responsible for.
  • Confetti Fields – this had been an astounding success this year, and Wick saw an unprecedented number of visitors. The parish council did not receive any negative comments but had received a number of major concerns and observations, and it is hoped these could be worked on, for everyone’s benefit, for forthcoming events:

Major Concerns:

  • Due to the high volume of traffic and the fact that the one-way traffic system failed, there was no access route for emergency vehicles
  • Residents from Cooks Hill were unable to leave or access their properties
  • Access was severely restricted at all junctions

Observations also made included:

  • Poor signage
  • A large car park was necessary
  • It was a short lived ‘inconvenience’
  • To ensure that first aid provision was available
  • Traffic cones could be used in coming years
  • It was considered, although the village fully supported the event, it was a lot of disruption for the village not to benefit

These would be addressed to Mr Hudson for consideration.

  1. Date of Next Meeting 20th September 2017 at 7.30pm