Minutes 20th May 2013

Minutes of Meeting Held on Monday 20th May 2013 at Wick Club

Present: Councillors Mr. D. Scott – Chairman
Mr. A. Smart
Miss S. Young
Councillor T. McDonald

1 Elector

1647 Apologies. Councillor Hill, Councillor Raymer.

1648. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman. Councillor Scott was re-elected as Chairman, proposed by Councillor Smart and seconded by Councillor Young. Councillor Raymer as elected as Vice Chairman proposed by Councillor Scott and seconded by Councillor Smart.

1648 Declaration of members’ interests. None.

1649 Minutes of Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 3rd April 2013, were approved and signed by the Chairman.

1650 Matters arising.

a) Co-option of Andrew Smart. Having followed the necessary procedures and there being only one candidate it was confirmed that Andrew Smart has been duly co-opted to the Council.

b) Broken Village Sign. Councillor Scott advised that this will be repaired as soon as possible.

c) Village Cross. Maintenance to the village cross has now been carried out.

d) ‘Resuscitation Event’. After discussion it was decided to proceed with the event at a cost of £100 for a 2 hours session by St. Johns Ambulance. Councillor Raymer would be asked to organise this in the autumn.

e) Village Clear up. The work has been carried our as arranged. Thanks were given to all those who participated in this. Councillor Smart will speak with the Lengthsman with regard to continuing of this work.

f) Damage to verge – Timber Lane. Councillor Smart advised that he and Councillor Hill had looked at the situation but could see no long term solution to the problem, as this is mainly caused by lorries and farm vehicles.

1651 District Councillor’s Report. Councillor McDonald presented the attached report.

1652 County Councillor’s Report. Councillor Hardman did not attend.

1653 Flood Alleviation Committee Report. Councillor Smart presented the attached report.

1654 Playground Report. Councillor Young reported maintenance work is ongoing. The damaged Jelly Board has now been replaced. Current funds now stand at £7809.56.

1655 Finance. The clerk presented the current statement. Precept of £3491.00, Grass Cutting Grant of £473.91 and £9.00 from the sale of Jubilee Mugs has been received. The following has been paid Lengthsman costs £220.00, room hire £16.25, R.o.S.P.A. £88.80, grass cutting £582.93, refurbishment of Village Cross £568.97 and petty cash £20.00 has been paid. The following is to be paid Grass Cutting, Lengthsman costs, Insurance, Contribution to Wick News, Clerks salary and Room Hire.

a) The Audit Statement of account was approved by the Council.
b) The Audit Statement of Assurance was approved by the Council.
c) The insurance premium for 2013-2014 was approved by the Council.

1656 Review of Risk Assessment. The revised Risk Assessment was approved.

1657 Planning Report. There were no planning applications to consider.

1658 Footpath Officer Report. No report available.

1659 Any other business. There was no other business to discuss.

1660 Date of next meeting. The next Parish meeting will be held on Monday 5th August at 7.30pm.

1661 Questions. None.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.25pm and thanked everybody for attending.