Minutes 24th September 2013

Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 24th September 2013 at Wick Club

Present: Councillors Mr. D. Scott – Chairman
Mrs. L. Raymer
Miss S. Young
Councillor McDonald

Electors – 0

1676 Apologies. Councillor Smart,

1677 Declaration of members’ interests. None

1678 Minutes of Parish Council meeting held on Monday 5th August 2013 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

1679 Matters arising.

a) First Aid Event. Councillor Raymer confirmed that the St. Johns Ambulance first aid event has been advertised in Wick News and is going ahead as planned.

b) Grass Cutting. After discussion it was decided to re-evaluate what areas of the village are to be cut.

c) Planning. It was agreed to take up the offer from Jonathan Edwards at Wychavon District Council of a training event for Parish Councillors. In answer to a question put to Councillor McDonald with reference to there being approximately 79 planning officers. Councillor McDonald advised the Parish Council that their cost is more than covered by the revenue generated through planning applications.

d) Update – Parish Plan. Councillor Raymer reported that details for the meeting have now been finalised. The meeting date for parishioners to put forward any suggestions they may have for the benefit of the residents of the village has been changed to the 16th November.

1680 District Councillor’s Report. Councillor McDonald presented the attached report.

1681 County Councillor’s Report. Councillor Hardman did not attend.

1682 Flood Alleviation Committee Report. Councillor Scott presented the following report from Councillor Smart. Contact had been made with local farmers in an effort to keep ditches clear within the village, and that the proposed multi-service meeting is in hand.

1683 Playground Report. Councillor Young reported no problems with the playground. Current funds now stand at £7809.96.

1684 Finance. The clerk presented the current statement. Lengthsman reimbursement of £352.00 has been received. The following has been paid. Lengthsman costs £352.00, Grass Cutting £162.34, Audit £120.00, Wychavon Sport £69.00, Petty Cash £20.00, Village Cross sign £92.85, St. Johns Ambulance £120.00 The following is to be paid, Grass Cutting, Clerks Salary, Lengthsman costs.

1685 Planning Report. The following applications have been received to which the Parish Council have no objections – W/13/01757 Greenside, Owletts Lane Wick WR10 3PB. Take down existing conservatory and build a single storey extension in its place. Build porch to front elevation. W/13/01826/PP Seymour, Catherine Court, Main Street, Wick WR10 3NZ. Timber framed store to east elevation to dwelling. The following applications have been approved. Pershore College, Avon Bank, Pershore WR10 3JP Erection of timber sectional building as scout headquarters. W/13/01237/PP Aragon, Catherine Court, Main St. Wick WR10 3NZ Single storey rear kitchen extension and conservatory. W/13/00626/PN Pershore Weir, rear of Bridge Street, Pershore. The proposal is for the excavation, construction and installation of a new leat or bypass channel from the River Avon, including relocation and distribution of excavated soil; provision of 2no hydroelectric screw electric turbines, associated generator housing and laying of cable from generator to Pershore Leisure Centre. W/01676/PP Rosnevyth, 16a Wick House Close, Wick WR10 3NT. Single storey rear extension with balcony above.

1686 Footpath Officer Report. A report from Councillor Hill was not available. Councillor Scott advised that the footpath off Wyre Lane is overgrown.

1687 Any other business.

a) Councillor Raymer has now received confirmation that W.C.C. are adhering to the Government’s code of practice regarding footways. Councillor Raymer has spoken with the Lengthsman regarding the footway on the B4084 and it was decided to weed-kill as this would be the best way of controlling the problem.

b) The clerk asked that now the notice boards have been re-stained would it be possible to replace the wooden name plates. The cost would be approximately £69.00 each. It was agreed to go ahead.

c) Concern was expressed by the Parish Council at the number of planning applications being processed for seemingly small developments.

1688 Date of next meeting. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th November at 7.30p.m.

1689 Questions. There were no questions.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm and thanked everybody for attending.