Minutes 27th November 2013

Minutes of Meeting Held on Wednesday 27th November 2013 at Wick Club

Present: Councillors Mr. D. Scott – Chairman
Mr. R. Hill
Mrs. L. Raymer
Mr. A. Smart
Miss S. Young
Councillor Hardman
Jonathan Edwards – Wychavon District Council – Planning

Electors – 1

1690 Apologies. None.

1691 Declaration of members’ interests. None.

1692 Jonathan Edwards of Wychavon District Council outlined the procedures etc. involved in assessing planning applications.

1693 Minutes of Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 24th September 2013 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

1694 Matters arising.

a) Village Plan review – Councillor Raymer reported that the review held on the 16th November was well attended and resulted in a number of ideas being put forward which will be considered by the Plan review Group. This group has had a meeting earlier today and has identified priorities and leaders for the various initiatives. The next meeting of the Group is in February when actions will have been firmed up.

b) Report of the meeting re Neighbourhood Development Plans. Councillors Scott, Raymer and Smart attended a meeting at W.D.C. at which it was explained how Parish and Town Councils could consult with residents and other interested parties to produce neighbourhood Development Plans which would form part of the wider regional development plan. This allows town and Parish Councils to take a leading role to determine where houses should be allocated. After discussion Councillor Smart agreed to speak to Charles Hudson, Tom Meikle and Robert Kings regarding available land for affordable housing within the village as this, and housing for those trading down in older age, were matters of concern noted at the recent consultation event.

c) Report of meeting at Pershore College. Councillor Smart met with the Chairman of the Consultative Board. They would like to expand the links between the village and college. Councillor Smart has been invited to sit on the consultative board that meets twice a year.

d) Affordable Housing in the Village – see b) above.

1695 District Councillor’s Report Councillor McDonald did not attend.

1696 County Councillor’s Report. Councillor Hardman reported that a bus consultation is being undertaken as £3M subsidiary is proposed to be cut. The Parish Council expressed their concern of the possibility that the Village Hopper may be withdrawn and offered to work with W.C.C. and other parishes to find new solutions that would not leave villagers without cars isolated…

Councillor Hardman was aware that the footway on the B4084 between Pershore College and Pershore has still not been cleared. Councillor Scott responded that the priority is the footway on Main Street as it is now dangerous to use, Councillor Hardman advised that it is possible that village footways would not be repaired in the foreseeable future. Councillor Hardman agreed to look at the footway in Main Street.

1697 Flood Alleviation Committee Report. Councillor Smart advised there have been no flooding problems. A meeting is to be held next week with the key agencies.

1698 Playground Report. Councillor Young reported no problems with the playground. A new cradle swing has been fitted and 3 boards on the clatter bridge replaced. Current funds stand at £7693.04.

1699 Finance. The clerk presented the current statement Lengthsman reimbursement of £308.00, Precept of £3490.00 and £12.00 from the sale of mugs has been received. The following has been paid Lengthsman costs £352.00, Grass cutting £1202.75, Weed killer £8.00, Room Hire £27.50 and Clerks Salary £895.00. The following is to be paid Petty Cash, Lengthsman costs.

a) Precept – After discussion it was decided to increase the precept requirement by 2% to £7120 this was to continue to build reserves to meet the cost of flood alleviation and potentially to support other village initiatives emerging from the current consultation exercise..

1700 Planning Report. The following applications have been approved – W/13/01757 Greenside, Owletts Lane Wick WR10 3PB. Take down existing conservatory and build a single storey extension in its place. Build porch to front elevation. W/13/01826/PP Seymour, Catherine Court, Main Street, Wick WR10 3NZ. Timber framed store to east elevation to dwelling. The following applications have been received to which the Parish Council have no objections W/13/02021/OU Pershore College, Avon Bank, Pershore WR10 3JP Outline application for a proposed tropical house, new main entrance with new teaching block on the ground and first floor glazed link to Avon Bank House. W/13/02138/PP Serendib Owletts Lane, Wick WR10 3PB, rear extension to garage.W/13/01972/LUE Owletts Farm Bungalow, Cooks Hill, Wick WR10 3PA Certificate of Lawfulness for use as a dwelling house in breach of planning condition 4 attached to planning permission reference number W/89/01874(agricultural tie).

Councillor Smart advised that a parishioner had requested that the Council consider notifying residents by email about all planning applications. It was agreed that the clerk would notify those residents who explicitly requested this. The notification would direct people to the W.D.C. planning site for further details. The clerk can be contacted at wickparish@aol.com

1701 Footpath Officer Report. Councillor Hill advised that the weed-killer the Lengthsman has applied to the B4084 has been a success. Councillor Smart agreed to ask the Lengthsman to continue the weed-killing down to the Pershore bridges. Councillor Hill had recently walked the village paths and these are in quite good condition considering the recent weather.

Regarding the concern raised at the consultation event about disabled access at the gates on the Waylands Councillor Hill has contacted Fiona Argyle at W.D.C. and is awaiting a response.

1702 Any other business. – Complaints have been received regarding the parking of vehicles on the grass verge near to the playground causing damage to the grass and also obstructing the footway. The Parish Council will contact the offending vehicle owners regarding this.

1703 Date of next meeting. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 at 7.30p.m. Provisional meeting dates for Parish Council meetings next year were suggested.

1704 Questions. There were no questions.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45pm and thanked everybody for attending.