Minutes 3rd April 2013

Minutes of Meeting Held on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 at Wick Club

Present: Councillors Mr. D. Scott – Chairman
Mr. R. Hill
Mrs L. Raymer
Miss S. Young

3 Electors

1633 Apologies. Councillor Hardman.

1634 Declaration of members’ interests. None.

1635 Minutes of Parish Council meeting held on Monday 11th February 2013 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

1636 Matters arising.

a) Resignation of Councillor Edmunds. Councillor Scott expressed the sincere thanks of the Parish Council for the tremendous contribution Peter has made to the village during his time on the Parish Council including a number of years as Chairman. Councillor Scott added that Peter’s local knowledge would be missed by all.

b) Broadband in the Village. Councillor Scott understood that Super Broadband is being proposed for Pershore, he felt that it would be advantageous for Wick. After discussion it was decided to contact Pershore Town Council for further information.

c) Kerb/Verge – Main Street/Timber Lane. Councillor Raymer had been contacted by a resident requesting that kerb stones be continued from the post box and round into Timber Lane to prevent the grass verge being driven over causing the verge to spread onto the highway. This request would be added to the other matters to be put to Councillor Hardman.

d) Parish Plan Evaluation. The Parish Council updated points covered in the Village Plan and this will be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting.

e) Village Clear up. Councillor Raymer advised that details are in hand for the event.

f) Community assistance for vulnerable residents. Councillor Scott reported that he is in the process of formulating the process needed for this.

1637 District Councillor’s Report. Councillor McDonald did not attend.

1638 County Councillor’s Report. Councillor Hardman did not attend.

1639 Flood Alleviation Committee Report. Andy Smart reported that there have been no call outs since the last Parish Council meeting, although there is still run off water from the fields into the ditches. The Flood Fair at Wick club will be held on April 13th between 10.30 – 12.30pm. Grant Applications- An interim indication of interest has been sent to Wychavon for people who are interested in receiving grants for property protection from flooding. The National Flood Forum are to be featured on a television programme, the Flood Alleviation Committee has confirmed that they may be interested in appearing on the programme.

1640 Playground Report. Councillor Young advised that the RoSPA report has been received and a number of issues need to be rectified. A resident advised that the Jelly Board is in a very dangerous condition and should not be used. A notice to this effect will be fixed to it. RoSPA would be advised of the problem with the Jelly Board as they had omitted to mention this in their report.
Current funds now stand at £7834.56.

1641 Finance. The clerk presented the current statement. Lengthsman re-imbursement £484.00, V.A.T. refund £875.82, Grass cutting grant £461.00 and £4.00 from the sale of Jubilee mugs had been received. The following has been paid Lengthsman costs £484.00, Clerks Salary £896.00 The following is to be paid Grass Cutting, Lengthsman costs, Room hire.

The Receipts and Payment Account were approved by the Parish Council.

1642 Planning Report. The following planning applications have been received to which the Parish Council had no objections. W/13/00192/RM-Land adjacent to and rear of Grange Cottages, Owletts Lane, Wick. 4 no, 1 bedroom maisonettes, alterations to access on land to rear of nos 3 & 4 Grange Cottages, Owletts Lane, Wick., W/13/00271/PP-Owletts Farm Bungalow, Cooks Hill, Wick Proposed extensions to existing dwelling, including internal alterations.

1643 Footpath Officer Report. Councillor Hill advised that the paths he had walked are all a reasonable condition including the hedgerows which are not overgrown at the moment due to the lack of growth caused by the cold weather.

1644 Any other business. Councillor Scott confirmed that the broken village sign has now been removed from Timber Lane for safe keeping. The proposal to repair it is not acceptable. Mr. Hudson will be contacted to ask whether he wishes the Parish Council to arrange the replacement and then be recharged the costs involved.

Councillor Raymer advised that the maintenance to village Cross will be carried out shortly.

Councillor Raymer had received a letter from a resident asking whether a First Aid ‘Resuscitation Event’ could be arranged. Councillor Raymer will obtain details of costs etc.

Councillor Hill expressed concern at the state of Timber Lane where vehicles are driving over the grass verge and causing damage. Councillor Hill and Andy Smart will see whether they can address the problem.

1645 Date of next meeting. The Annual Parish meeting will be held on Monday 22nd April at 7.15pm with the following meeting on Monday 20th May 2013 at 7.30pm.

1646 Questions.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50pm and thanked everybody for attending.