Minutes 5th August 2013

Minutes of Meeting Held on Monday 5th August 2013 at Wick Club

Present: Councillors Mr. D. Scott – Chairman
Mr. R. Hill
Mrs. L. Raymer
Miss S. Young

2 Electors

1662 Apologies. Councillor Smart, Councillor Hardman.

1663 Declaration of members’ interests. Councillor Young expressed an interest in Planning Application W/13/00626/PN & ///.

1664 Minutes of Parish Council meeting held on Monday 20th May 2013, were approved and signed by the Chairman.

1665 Matters arising.

a) Village Cross. Councillor Raymer confirmed that arrangements are in hand for the erection of the plaque.

b) AOL-Wick Parish Council. Councillor Raymer confirmed that she had changed the email address to read Parish Clerk to avoid confusion.

c) Planning. To be discussed under ‘Planning’.

d) Update – Parish Plan. Councillor Raymer has arranged for a meeting at Wick Club on Saturday 28th September at 10.30am to enable parishioners to put forward any suggestions they may have for the benefit of the residents of the village.

1666 District Councillor’s Report. Councillor McDonald did not attend.

1667 County Councillor’s Report. Councillor Hardman did not attend but had advised that he was aware that nothing has happened in regard to the footway on the main road

1668 Flood Alleviation Committee Report. Councillor Smart forwarded the report below.

1.1 Individual Property Protection grant application

We have received confirmation from WDC that this application was successfully lodged. Unfortunately we won’t know the outcome until November.

1.2 Flood alerts

Although there have been no flood call outs this Summer, a heavy downpour recently had caused local flash flooding of roadways in the village; my takeaways from this were:

  • Redouble efforts to get WCC to reinstate the drain under Waylands to provide more relief to the Yock Lane corner
  • Ensure the grips are regularly checked and re-dug by the lengthsman (I believe he is doing so)
  • Ensure the gulley’s are ‘riddled’ before being pumped out by WCC’s contractors
  • Talk to residents outside road gulley’s to get them to check them regularly, clear them when they can and to alert us if the are blocked

1669 Playground Report. Councillor Young reported maintenance work is ongoing. Current funds now stand at £7809.76.

1670 Finance. The clerk presented the current statement. Lengthsman reimbursement of £484.00 has been received. The following has been paid-Lengthsman costs £308.00, Grass Cutting £892.84, Insurance £925.70, Room Hire £12.50, Wick News £350.00, Clerks Salary £895.00. The following is to be paid, Wychavon Games, Grass Cutting, Lengthsman costs, and Audit fees.

1671 Planning Report. The following applications have been received to which the Parish Council have no objections – W/13/01409/CU Pershore College, Avon Bank, Pershore WR10 3JP Erection of timber sectional building as scout headquarters. W/13/01237/PP Aragon, Catherine Court, Main St. Wick WR10 3NZ Single storey rear kitchen extension and conservatory. W/13/00626/PN Pershore Weir, rear of Bridge Street, Pershore. The proposal is for the excavation, construction and installation of a new leat or bypass channel from the River Avon, including relocation and distribution of excavated soil; provision of 2no hydroelectric screw electric turbines, associated generator housing and laying of cable from generator to Pershore Leisure Centre.

After discussion of the above applications, it was decided to review the Parish Council’s procedures regarding planning applications in the future.

1672 Footpath Officer Report. Councillor Hill reported that he has done some work on the openings to the paths, they are now all able to be walked.

1673 Any other business.

a) Councillor Raymer had received a telephone call from a resident regarding a rotting tree in Yock Lane. W.C.C. had been notified. The Parish Council will monitor progress of this.

b) Councillor Raymer has arranged for the first aid course to be held on Monday 14th October at 7.00pm until 9.00pm in Wick Club, and will be limited to 14 people.

c) Councillor Raymer has approximately 40 mugs remaining from the Diamond jubilee –available for use by the residents of the village.

d) Councillor Raymer requested an update on the request for kerb stones to be installed in Main Street from Dorinda Cottages to the corner with Timber Lane. The clerk will contact W.C.C. regarding this.

e) The clerk advised that she had received a telephone call requesting that the lengthsman clear the footway on the B4084 between the poly tunnels and Oaklands Farm. After discussion with the Footpath Officer it was confirmed that this area is not within the Wick boundary and would be the responsibility of Cropthorne.

f) Councillor Young reported that the Parish Games are proceeding well. In the Bell Boating race Wick finished 8th and in the Petanque event we fielded 2 teams entered with the men’s team finishing 4th.

1674 Date of next meeting. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th September at 7.30p.m.

1675 Questions.

a) With regard to a petanque pitch a resident asked whether if a grant is not available residents could build this themselves. Councillor Raymer responded that this would be brought up at the village meeting on 28th September.

b) A resident asked, whether as the Parish Council meetings are every 2 months is there a problem with time to review planning applications. Councillor Scott responded that the applications are reviewed when they are issued and the response is forwarded within the 21 day period.

c) 2 residents expressed concern regarding the potential for traffic to increase in Owletts Lane now that barns have been changed to an educational facility.

d) A resident is concerned that when the verges are cut wild flowers and plants are cut down affecting wild life.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.49pm and thanked everybody for attending.